Confidence trick

Originally posted on language: a feminist guide:
The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art has trained some of the world’s most celebrated actors. It also has a commercial arm, Rada in Business, which promises to ‘take our world-leading training and make it work for you in a business context’. Some of the courses it offers are…

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There is a difference between Native Speakers and Non Native Speakers

Originally posted on CriticElt:
A few days ago, that cheery cherry-picker of evidence, Russ Mayne, retwittered this gem from Adrian Holliday: I no longer review research that compares ‘native’ and ‘non-native speaker’ teachers as though the groups are real and not imagined. I replied I think Dr. Johnson’s reply to Berkley will do here: Kick Holliday…

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More on Mediation

Originally posted on CriticElt:
Scott Thornbury’s post M is for Mediation  was his third bite at the same cherry. Yet again he asked: How is information communicated to teachers? , reminding us that This is a question that I have been grappling with in preparing the new edition of An A-Z of ELT. I raised it again at the ELTRIA…

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Foreign language vocabulary: Effective practices for learning and teaching

Originally posted on CriticElt:
(Here’s a PDF file of the Vocab. learning report: CASL Vocabulary learning technical report, 2012) Below are three quotes from one of many “technical reports” published by CASL, the Center for Advanced Study of Language at Maryland University. My intention here is simply to draw your attention to this report on vocab. learning, and, maybe…

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Image Building

Originally posted on CELFS Teaching and Learning Network:
by Stuart Marshall Many a language teacher will be well-acquainted with the affective potential of a well-chosen image in the classroom, while from the earliest stages of learning students will have become accustomed to the use of such learning aids as photos, drawings, timelines and other diagrams.…

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ELT as an Industry

Originally posted on Adaptive Learning in ELT:
by Philip Kerr & Andrew Wickham from IATEFL 2016 Birmingham Conference Selections (ed. Tania Pattison) Faversham, Kent: IATEFL pp. 75 – 78 ELT publishing, international language testing and private language schools are all industries: products are produced, bought and sold for profit. English language teaching (ELT) is not.…

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