Dellar on Grammar Teaching

Originally posted on CriticElt:
Over the last few years, Hugh Dellar has given various versions of the same talk on how to teach grammar, his latest being a plenary at the IATEFL Hungary conference last week on Following the patterns: colligation and the necessity of a bottom-up approach to grammar At the IATEFL conference in…

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The Poster Spectrum in HE

Originally posted on Tactile Academia:
I promised two follow-up posts to the ReGenring17 conference, but as one of them is also related to thinking recently disseminated at the internal Learning and Teaching conference at Staffordshire University, I thought I would put in this little interlude sharing with you what I talked about then. The use…

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Coursebook activities and SLA theory – do they match?

Originally posted on ELT planning:
According to Tomlinson (2013:12-15), ‘it is generally accepted that [Second Language Acquisition] is facilitated by: a rich and meaningful exposure to language in use affective and cognitive engagement making use of mental resources typically used in L1 communication noticing how the L2 is used giving opportunities for contextualised and purposeful…

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